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MJs market stall at Art In The park Leavenworth Washington


Hi there… I’m Maureen… an artist with a colourful passion, budding entrepreneur ( I hope…kidding!), and creative instructor and writer.  My husband Jeff and I started  MJs Crafted Concepts as an outlet for my creativity and frankly, he was pretty sick of me taking over the entire house with all my craft and artwork.  (He actually wanted the house back…really?!) So over the past few years, I painted up a storm and am still selling my art at one of my favourite venues in the world…Village Art in the Park at Leavenworth in Washington state. villageartinthepark.com from May to October. 

And now, on line! 


Want to know more about me? 

  • I am Australian and now live in Washington state in the US with Jeff. I spent 30 years plus in Far North Queensland, a tropical, vibrant area in a place called Mission Beach, where I raised my three kids, two sons and a daughter.  And am a grandmother as well.  Yaaay!!  Yes I miss them and the beautiful tropical scenery, but the scenery is just as awesome here and I go back once a year for a few months…..it’s all good!
  • I love painting beaches and palm trees and all things colourful (yes Australian spelling folks!) You can take the girl out of Australia, but ya cant take the Australian outta the girl!
  • I love doing abstracts as well and colourful animals.

Cheers, Maureen xooxxo


MJs Maureen and Jeff
This is Jeff and myself