Selling My Art Online

Welcome to the totally confusing world of selling yourself to sell your art.

I find the more I read, the more I am confused, frustrated and bewildered.

Having been brought up to not blow my own trumpet, it is exceptionally difficult to put myself out there and sound absolutely confident.

Sell myself!  What?!  What is this that you speak of?

Well, here I am, getting over myself (ha ha) and doing just that!

MJ's Crafted Concepts is now online!  

I just wish in retrospect, I had made one of my three children become incredibly computer/technical phone savvy!  Oh why didn’t I do that?  (As she tears her hair out). They say if you can’t find your way around new technology to ask your grandchildren.  As I only have one granddaughter at the moment, boy is she gonna cop it!  Everything technical about phones and computers, I will push her!!  (If her dad will allow).

So I guess the big question that comes up first for every artist is “What makes your art different to all the millions of artists out there who want to sell their art on line?”

“Because I am so damned awesome” ain’t necessarily gunna cut it! 

Well why the hell not?  I hear you ask.

My first realisation into this world was “oh my God, it is not all about the art!”

Boring, horror, dismay, shock, to name a few of the feelings overcame me.  Run, run as fast as you can!  Bury your head in the sand and just stick to doing your originals.


Let me tell you about my firm affirmation that I would only do original art.

About five years ago, I decided to get back into painting.  So I got together about twenty abstract paintings, similar to those you see here.  After the first weekend at Village Art in the Park  at Leavenworth in Washington, I quickly discovered that I needed more paintings and fast! Crikey (yes, I am Australian), so I spent the next week painting my uh you know what off!  Burning the midnight oil so to speak.

By the end of season three, and back and forward from Australia, things were becoming a little clearer about working my tail off and practicality.  People were talking prints!

My artwork was evolving, literally overnight.  Still doing originals I might add.  There were weeks where I was painting up to 8 paintings a night to show the next day. 
Now I work in acrylics, but boy getting them dry was another thing.  I would lay them out in the back seat of my truck for extra drying on the way to the park, reeling in the fumes from the sealer.  Sheesh!

PRINTS!  Another whole new world!

Thank you Costco!  They do prints of all sizes for you.  But here is the thing.  Your photo has to be:

Non blurred!

Good aspect ratio

Got to learn how to take a good photo!

Etc etc  etc.


Surrounded by incredibly supportive and creative artists, I at least had the knowledge for taking the next step.   Hey presto, with prints I made more sales!!  Yaaay.

And so another major step learned and put into practice.

Stay tuned.  I still have to get sales online!!   Aaaahhhh the horror!





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